Dutch wine legend

Harold Hamersma is easily one of the most recognised names in the Dutch Wine Industry. Regularly appearing on Dutch television and radio, he also frequently writes for NRC Handelsblad and Het Parool. He is a modern day legend when it comes to his knowledge of wine.

Comparing wine with tea

Our very own Tea Blender Arrad spent several hours discussing the comparisons between Wine and Tea when it came to food pairings. Mr. Hamersma was extremely surprised by what is possible when it comes to Tea. Although he has no current plans to abandon wine for the wonderful world of tea blending, we’re working on it!

Harold Hamersma and Arrad Eshel

The one thing they could both totally agree on, was the importance of quality. Knowing where your food, wine, and tea comes from is one of the most important things people should take into account today. Here at Arte & Zayne, we are firm believers in Quality over Quantity. You can read more about our thoughts on the importance of quality tea in another article. We look forward to having Harold back with us again at our Blend Store in Amsterdam, very soon.