Tea has a very long shelf life. At least if you keep some things in mind and understand that light, air, moisture, heat and odour are the enemies of tea.


The UV rays in (sun) light bleaches tea leaves and can cause your teas’ taste and aroma to almost completely disappear. Always keep your tea sealed in an airtight container that blocks out all light and keep it in a cool dark place. Never use glass jars. 


Heat can also damage the quality of your tea. Never keep your tea close to ovens, radiators, or other sources of heat. 


Moisture is another culprit. Tea has a long shelf-life because it is dried. This also means tea readily absorbs water from the air. The original packaging, even if properly sealed, is not always sufficient. Choose a dry storage area away from washing machines, kettles, etc.. 

Air and odours

Tea has the ability to absorb odours very quickly. Do not store tea near vegetables, herbs or cleaning agents and never in the fridge. Keeping your tea in an airtight container will prevent air, water or unwanted odours reaching your favourite teas. Never use any porous packaging such as paper bags. 

Stainless steel tea canister

With the above rules in mind, Arte & Zayne has developed its very own stainless steel tea canisters. Because it’s also important to please the eye, our air- and light-tight containers combine quality with an elegant but tough industrial look. These eye-catchers will keep the flavour and aroma of your favourite tea at their best for a long long time. 

All of Arte & Zayne’s 30 organic loose leaf blends are available in our Stainless steel tea canisters (100 grams) and in handy light- and airtight refill sachets.