Adjust and adapt

Nothing is more important than our health and our loved ones. The Arte & Zayne team wish you, your family and your friends good health during these difficult times.

For most of us, our new temporary reality means staying indoors a whole lot more than we’re used to, finding new routines and trying to make the best out of our situations. At Arte & Zayne, we understand this can be very difficult, where at moments you might feel overwhelmed. Or frustrated. Or tired. Or angry, Or sad. Or scared. Or all of the above. Whatever emotions you’re experiencing, you could do with a well-deserved moment for yourself every now and then.

This short article is a kindly reminder of how valuable tea can be, especially in stressing times like these. A cup of tea can make so much difference, to both body and mind. The joy of drinking tea, as well as the art of making it. Allow yourself a moment to sit back and reflect, get inspired, calm down, nourish and take care of yourself. You deserve it.


We can imagine if you’re feeling concerned about the COVID-19 virus threat right now. Because so are we. To protect ourselves, we are washing our hands the entire day, wiping down surfaces, avoiding contact with others and downing vitamin supplements like they’re tic tacs. Sounds familiar? Then you also might feel there must be more you could do to protect yourself. And drinking tea might just be a very good solution.

A healthy body…

Why tea? Of course, we know drinking tea won’t prevent contracting the coronavirus, just like some of the other witless claims popping up on the internet, but we do believe that smart choices will add up to a better well-being and a healthier immune system. And that’s exactly what drinking tea is: a simple and smart way of taking care of yourself.

Drinking tea on a daily basis, preferably at least 3 mugs a day and without sugar, is a smart (and delicious!) thing to do. It increases your fluid intake, helps maintain a healthy metabolism and circulatory system, it is a source of vitamins and it can help improve your immune system. Studies show that certain components typically found in tea, like L-theanine and EGCG (especially in white and green teas) give your fighting cells a boost. And that’s exactly what they could use right now.

…and a healthy mind

The more oxidized a tea is, the fuller its body and flavors. Drinking a full-bodied tea, like black or Oolong tea, typically has a warming effect. This warming effect generally brings relaxation and relaxation of the mind and body helps keep you healthy. Mens sana in corpore sano: a healthy mind in a healthy body.

And the process of making your favourite tea can easily be transformed into a ritual and a mindful activity, like little tea ceremonies with every brew. For yourself or together with family, creating something special out of brewing your tea is an easy yet very effective way to brighten up the spirit, whenever you feel like it!

So, if you haven’t incorporated tea into your life yet, now is a perfect time to do so. Allow yourself those meaningful moments and take care of yourself. Simply navigate to our tea shop by clicking here and have your pick. We’ll take care of the rest. 🙂

For now, stay healthy and look out for each other. Together we will get through this.


Arte & Zayne