TLC: Organic Tea, Love & Chocolate

Introducing a surprising, melt-in-your-mouth combination of organic chocolate with Arte & Zayne’s handpicked loose leaf tea.


With TLC: Organic Chocolate, we’ve added a delightful product to our range of exclusive tea, teaware, and sparkling tea for you to enjoy. In collaboration with a local chocolatier, we’ve mixed organic chocolate of the highest quality with seven of our finest tea blends. The result is a subtle and refined way to indulge in both the sweetness of chocolate as well as the texture and flavours of raw tea.

Organic Chocolate

Each of our seven varieties comes in a stylish box, containing 120g of chocolate. With Arte & Zayne TLC: Organic Chocolate you’ll treat yourself and loved ones to something unique. If you have questions, suggestions, or if you want to chat with us — we’re here! Send us a message or visit us at our boutique blend store in Amsterdam. Come get a taste of our other ethically-conscious handcrafted teas and see the other goodies our store has to offer. The kettle is always on!