No 21

Machu Peach Refill

Orange Peach
Organic White Tea Blend

100 gram 8,95
250 gram 22,37



Green Tea China Sencha, natural essences, orange peels, marigold, cardamon, goji berry, peach, mallow, passionflower herb, chia seeds.

The Tea

Weight: 114 g
Dimensions: 80 × 45 × 200 mm

White Tea


Orange, Peach


100g, 250g


Refill Bag

Brewing Guide:

12 – 15 g/l
2 – 3 Minutes
75 – 80 ℃

Nutritional values:

100ml of brewed infusion typically gives you:
Energy: 5 kJ / 1 kcal
Fat: 0,1 gr
Of which saturates: 0,1 gr
Carbohydrate: 0,1 gr
Of which sugars: 0,1 gr
Protein: 0,2 gr
Sodium: 0,01 gr


Eggs and egg products: No
Fish and fish products: No
Cereals containing gluten: No
Crustaceans and products thereof: No
Lupines: No
Edible nuts: May contain traces
Sulfur dioxide and sulfite > 10 mg/kg: May contain traces
Celery and products thereof: No
Mustard and products thereof: No
Sesame seeds and sesame products: No
Soy and soy products: May contain traces
Peanuts and products thereof: No
Milk and products thereof (lactose): May contain traces
Molluscs and products thereof: No

Tea Pairing

There are a number of factors that directly affect the taste of your tea. Differences in temperature and steeping time, for example, will cause certain aromas to intensify. So, be sure to take the brewing instructions on your favourite loose leaf teas to heart to ensure proper extraction of the right flavors. Very important!

White teas tend to be very gentle, so if served with too rich and savoury food they are likely to get overshadowed, leaving them rather tasteless. But their subtle aromas have yet so much to offer! So, best pair a white tea with very light foods such as white fish, mild cheeses and desserts.



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