Nothing is the same this year. Not even Christmas. So why not see it as a prime time to break with the old traditions and customs and try something completely new?

Enhance your Christmas gathering with fine tea instead of wine, for example. Taste-wise, tea is as delicious and as complex as a glass of wine. Tea can complement or contrast the flavour of a beautiful meal, heightening the perception of flavours and creating spectacular new taste sensations. There is a reason why there are tea sommeliers as well as wine sommeliers.

There’s a tea for every different kind of dish and every type of cuisine. Strong black tea such as No 25 Shades of Black, works well with savoury and spicy meat dishes. The vegetal tones of a green tea lend themselves to poultry and vegetarian dishes.

Cheese fondue and No 12 Nabatean Train are a golden combination; not only in aroma and taste but especially because the crisp hot tea helps stimulates the digestion. While white teas ​​match well the delicate taste of fish, smoked fish asks for the smoky accents of a tea like Mellow Yellow. Minty herbal teas pair exquisitely with sweet desserts and chocolate.

The general rule of thumb is: serve fine green teas with any dish you would normally pair with white wine and pair black tea with heavier dishes that are traditionally accompanied by red wine. But the rules are not set in stone. Just like with wine, you can be adventurous and try different combinations and pairings. Trust your own palate!

You can choose to serve tea throughout your dinner party or serve tea with one or two courses and wine in between. Alternatively, you can cater to your guests individual tastes and serve both. Each to their own taste.

To bring out the best of the beautiful flavour combinations, it is important that the tea is properly made. For the best taste, allow the tea to lightly infuse on a teapot warmer and do not pour until the meal is served. Read our blog for more tips on how to make the perfect cup of tea.

If you’d like to know more about tea as a delicious and refined alcohol-free alternative to wine, we’d love to tell you all about it in our shop. We’ll give you advice on the diversity of flavours, and think along with you on pairing food with teas to complement your festive meal.

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