Yes, but… what should I drink then?

A new year, a new lifestyle. For many people, January was all about health, or at least good intentions in that direction. After the fat month of December, let the gas go; spend less money, eat less, exercise more (or finally) but above all: drink less alcohol. Dry January is hot.

But it often turns out to be quite difficult. Because just leaving that nice stuff for a month can be quite a task. Or you don’t even think about it at all, as a pub in Dublin put on instagram: January has already taken away my indoor sparkly tree, endless days off, excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast, not to mention all the films and songs. So no, Susan, I will be keeping the wine. Whatever your motivation is, and maybe you never or little alcohol at all, you have another challenge besides leaving it alone, because what do you put in its place? Spaatje then? (no dude, have a nice cup of tea). Not another coke, come on (think about tea!). Smoothie number so much? (TEA-HEEEE!). Hmmm, maybe tea? (Yessss :))

Tea is healthy

So tea. And there are many reasons for this. Not least because drinking tea is good for you. Tea is simply very healthy! (and your health, that’s what it was all about after all). The Netherlands Nutrition Center, for example, says the following about tea: tea without sugar provides your body with moisture in a healthy way. … Drinking tea reduces the risk of stroke and lowers blood pressure. That is why adults are advised to drink 3 cups of green tea or black tea per day (source: This advice is based on several studies in Europe and Asia, which also show that regularly drinking tea significantly reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Why tea is so healthy seems to be because it is full of flavonoids: bioactive substances that work as an antioxidant in your body. You will find this mainly in black, green and oolong tea and less in the white variety. Herbal tea contains no tea (and may therefore not be officially called a tea) and therefore no flavonoids, but on the other hand, for the effects of herbal infusions, the following usually applies: you get what you put in it. At Arte & amp; Zayne we also design our signature blends with only organic ingredients and without unnecessary additives: hand-picked, loose tea leaves, fruit, flowers and herbs. No more. That way, no toxins (such as pesticides) end up in your well-deserved cup of tea. And just as important: it tastes better.

Tea is exciting

Because doing healthy is easier when it is tasty. And preferably also a bit varied and surprising. Tea adds even more: tea is exciting. The layering of flavors and scents, all the typical and rich aromas that tea has to offer, from pulsatingly subtle to boldly powerful, are simply meant to surprise you and to experiment with.

Tea also opens up a world of combinations… Have you ever combined black tea with red fruit with a fragrant, strong French cheese? Or a citrus-like white tea with spicy, oriental dishes? Give it a try, it really works great! At home, in a restaurant or even at Friday afternoon drinks, you can drink a tough and full tea instead of that one, red wine. It shows that tea is so much more than a hot drink: new worlds open up in your glass or cup. Worlds full of stories, culture, harmony and friendship. And there it is us at Arte & amp; Zayne to do: discover stories, find harmony and make friends. Call it a European tea ceremony where tasting, eating and enjoying together is central.

Your own tea journey

To compose our unique signature blends, we select all our 100% organic tea leaves, herbs and aromas by hand and… we throw them together. Until we are satisfied with each unique result. And the great thing is, the possibilities turn out to be virtually endless so the more you learn about tea, the more fun and interesting it becomes. You can easily make a beautiful ritual from making tea; a small ceremony with every cup or pot you prepare. And no soft drink can beat that.

Of course we have our own ideas about the specific applications of our blends and which occasion suits them best, but it is entirely up to you to discover this for yourself on your own tea trip. You create your own, unique tea stories and memories. Do you want to know more? Ask us your questions via app or email or visit our Blend Store! There we will show you, taste and smell everything we have in house and you will experience for yourself how fascinating the world of tea is.